We are Andréa Winter & Patrick von Barkenberg.



Patrick von Barkenberg


Hi. It's me. Patrick von Barkenberg.

I grew up in the heart of Germany. My passion for storytelling was ignited by my grandfather, a coal miner, who introduced me to the world of mysteries and adventures.

I love movies. I love making them. I love watching them and I love talking about them. A few years ago I received a scholarship to study directing at the American Film Institute Conservatory and some very nice people were kind enough to give my short films a few awards: the Richard P. Rogers Spirit of Excellence Award, the Telly Award, the ECU Best Editing Award, the Technicolor Grant and the Fuji Grant.

After I graduated I set out to make a feature film. I wrote a script with too many explosions in it and it took a long time to find the money to make it.

I got sad and a bit disillusioned but then I got lucky. I met the love of my life, Andréa Winter.

We discovered that we shared the same dream.

We took matters into our own hands and saved up enough money to make our first full-length feature film 🔗BLOOD PARADISE on a remote farm in Northern Sweden.

Someone once told me "If you have a dream, you have a responsibility to yourself to make it come true. Because if you don’t, you’re just a dreamer."

Yours truly,


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Andréa Winter


Hi. I am Andréa Winter.

I grew up on a farm in the North of Sweden, close to the Arctic Circle.
As a child I spent most of my time strolling through my family's forests, dreaming up mysteries, practicing magic and writing music.

A few pop songs later I graduated from the prestigious Rytmus Music School in Stockholm,
had a brief career as a nightclub singer and created the underground Pop Band "Tigon". My latest music project is Alter Ego-Pop-Diva 🔗BABY YAGA

Searching for adventure, I relocated to New York City to study acting at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.
After acting in countless commercials, three short films and two music videos, I discovered my passion for screenwriting and producing.

My life took a lucky turn when I met Patrick von Barkenberg. Filmmaking is a collaborative medium and there's nothing better than sharing your life-passion with your life-partner.

I'm looking forward to sharing our full-length feature film 🔗BLOOD PARADISE with you.